I’m still working on this…talking about me, well it’s either boring or complicated. I haven’t decided which yet.

I’ll give it a try. It’s been almost a year since I created this blog. Obviously I’ve done little with it. Funny though, I came here today for the same reason I came here last September. I needed a place to put my thoughts. To dump the words swilling in my head. To feel emptied.

When I picked the title “Ghosts in My Laundry Room” it was because of a little spook I had while doing laundry. When we moved in to our apartment (I should say last apartment, as we no longer live there) we had a little laundry room. A closet really. I got in the habit when I cleaned the lint trap of placing the fluffy grey and white balls on top of the dryer (it was a stacked washer and dryer). One day as I opened the closet door there wafted down a tiny little white fluff. I wasn’t expecting it, and it spooked me for a moment. Like a little ghost. Ghosts in my laundry room.

Now I’m living back in my childhood home. Again we have a laundry closet, but we’ll call it a double wide as the washer and dryer are over-sized and sit next to each other. There are still ghosts in my laundry room. But these ones are different. The mixing bowl for chocolate chip cookies that’s been around since before me. The oven rack for roasting chicken. Old tin lunch boxes from when I was little. Floor boards that creak. The sound of the same washer and dryer that lulled me to sleep growing up. A magnet I stuck on the washer when I was 13. Memories…ghosts.

I guess none of that is really about me, is it? I’m just a human girl. I have a lot of words and hopefully a voice to say them with. I’m not political, I’m not religious, I’m not a sports fan. I love Jesus, nail polish, color, wine, food, the coast, reading, music, fluffy kitties, furry animals….blah blah blah. I’ve never pretended to think I was cool…I’m a bit of a nerd (a geek? eh, whatevs). I’m my happiest on a rainy grey day watching waves crash on the beach in jeans and a hoodie with some music in my ears. I am an internet junkie. I obsess over TV shows. I get attached to characters in books. I’m married with one cat. And now I’ve said enough. 🙂